A caring environment with all the comforts of home

Family owned and operated, RHRA Regulated

We believe in a new and different style of independent senior living. Wiarton Retirement Residence is not an institution, in our look, our feel and in our policies we reflect a progressive, family-centred philosophy on senior care. Our renovated family home is an alternative setting to other, more “traditional,” (or even hospital-like) care home models. We respect the independent senior and the lifestyle you seek. Wiarton Retirement Residence offers an affordable retirement living alternative to “big box” corporate assisted senior care providers and we are NOT a long-term care home.

Our seniors enjoy nutritious home cooked meals that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We strive to ensure our residence is an ideal mix of independence, peace of mind and comfort.  We offer the ultimate level of independence, stimulating activities, interactions and services that will provide the first-class quality of life for every resident at our residence.

Our Epiphany Story – Why We Do What We Do!

Growing up my family was kind and loving and our home was always filled with love and laughter. Stories shared at these multi-generational celebrations of special occasions were a joy to hear, full of intriguing and interesting tales from my grandmother’s younger days that have provided some of my fondest memories and which still bring a huge smile to my face.  I found my life so much richer after every interaction with her and felt like the older generation always had the best stories to share and provided some of the best education!

It was at one of these recent joyful gatherings that I had a realization. Where would I be without these loved ones in my life who provided so much care and knowledge?  I looked over at my own mother sitting across from me as she shared one of these precious life experiences, followed by her very familiar contagious laugh and I thought about her future.  Where would she live that would still provide that much needed supportive connection?  Where would we find the kind of warm, family focussed community I wanted for my mother to enjoy during her golden years.  Institutional settings just seemed well…institutional, and private large care home providers often came with astronomical costs way outside my mother’s fixed income budget. I needed my mother to be in a cheerful, close knit, caring family community that was full of laughter with friends, where all celebrations were a big deal and where seniors could experience joy in the “everyday.”

Our core vision is to provide that kind of home. A comfortable residence that offers supportive senior living for today’s modern senior. A home where people gather to share stories, share laughter, share in celebrations and share the joy of living. You’ll find it here.

Nestled within the greater community of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, our home is located in a beautiful, all-season community that caters to boomers and where over 35% of the population lists their age as 65+. You’ll find friends here. You’ll find a “family” here. It’s the only place you’ll ever need to call home!

At Wiarton Retirement Residence our Core Values Include: 

Respect. Dignity. Freedom. Flexibility.

Respect: Our team respects your person, your lifestyle, your personality and your health. At WRR you are an important member of the decision making team when it comes to what goes on in YOUR home and in YOUR life. We respect both your independence and any longer-term personal care requirements that may arise during your time with us.

Dignity: Within the guidelines established together by you and our admitting team when you move in to Wiarton Retirement Residence, we’ll create a program that respects the dignity of your person in all of our care options. At WRR you might join our home as a healthy, independent living senior who likes the access to home-cooked meals we provide, making your life a little easier.  As time passes, you may find your day to day needs increasing and we can help. With a registered nurse to design your care and medication plan (and on call 24 hours a day) plus caring PSW’s and a local dietary aide who cooks healthy meals that meet all your dietary needs, we’re the only place you’ll ever need to call home! Our residents retire with us for now and for their future, knowing they are in a safe, secure and loving environment that provides a continuum of care able to meet any evolving health needs. 

Freedom: Wiarton Retirement Residence is your home not “ours.”. Within walking distance of the lovely downtown main street of Wiarton, you might arrange to join friends for coffee at one of the many cafés or bistros. Relax outside in our beautifully maintained and landscaped gardens and enjoy the expansive views of Colpoys Bay. Spot the three islands of Griffith, Hay and Whitecloud. Dine out, shop or even leave for a few days to visit friends and family. At WRR our residents come and go as they please. Vehicle parking for residents who drive is also available. We welcome and encourage our residents to find joy and express your individuality in making your space your own. Bring your favourite furniture pieces with you, hang artwork on the walls of your room and that perfect spot for your treasured mementos. Short-term overnight guests are welcome if your room space allows and friends and family may visit and/or come and dine with us anytime. Several of our rooms can easily accommodate couples who of course want to retire together –  a feature you won’t find almost anywhere else. 

Flexibility: Our home offers the best of both worlds, independent living but with support for if or when it is needed. An RN meets with you and/or your family members within the first two days of your arrival and creates a personal care plan including medication administration customized for your unique needs. Meals and snacks are prepared fresh daily with any special dietary requirements easily accommodated. Receive support from a PSW with dressing and bathing if you require the assistance – or if you’re able, head out for your usual early morning nature walk on one of many nearby trails, before enjoying breakfast and without waking anyone. You are as independent as you choose to be at Wiarton Retirement Residence. Join us in the dining room for dinner, share an after mealtime movie with friends or retire to your own TV in your own suite. We’re confident you’ll find an enjoyable, comfortable and flexible family style living environment at Wiarton Retirement Residence.

Respect. Dignity. Freedom. Flexibility.

At Wiarton Retirement Residence we help you find the JOY in retirement living. This isn’t institutional senior housing – this is independent living at “HOME.”