5 Reasons Why Independent Living  Does Not Mean Living Alone

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5 Reasons Why Independent Living Does Not Mean Living Alone

After a certain age you might be thinking of moving in with your children because you might be feeling lonely and isolated at home and living with your children may sound like the best plan.  Thinking of independent living may mean living alone for you which is wrong.

 However, living dependently is different and much better than you can think. In today’s blog by Wiarton Retirement Residence, we have listed five reasons as to why independent living does not mean living alone.  

1. You can meet the same kind of people 

At an independent living home you get to meet new people at all times and most of them have the same problems as you have. The reason that they might have moved to independent living may be the same as yours. They might be feeling lonely too or would not have been able to take care of themselves.  

Their health issues would be the same as yours such as forgetting the laundry in the machine or not remembering to lock the doors.   

When at an independent living home, you can have more people around that you can relate to. You would have more things in common with the people at independent senior living, therefore having more to talk about.  Also, in an independent senior living home you have easy access to assistance that you would not have at home on your own.

 2. Group activities

  At an independent living home various group activities are carried out throughout the week. Board games are everyone’s best friend and the best way to beat boredom. Moreover, many activities are hosted by the community such as ice-cream parlour days, carnivals, themed dinners and all special holidays are celebrated.  

We at Wiarton Retirement Residence know that you might feel lonely which is why we host dinners, carnivals and birthdays at all times to make sure no one is bored and that you always have something to look forward to.  

3.  You have your space and freedom 

There might be days when you just want your space. At an independent senior living home you have the advantage of having your freedom and space whenever you want. You can sit in your own room and enjoy your favorite book, watch a movie by yourself or video chat with your family. 

4. Freedom to socialize  

Being in your home alone can be depressing and/or isolating.  While living with your children can cause you to feel like a burden on them. However, when you live in an independent living community you have the freedom to socialize with everyone and have someone to talk to all the time. You have many opportunities to interact with individuals, whether staff or fellow residents.  

At Wiarton Retirement Residence we keep a tight knit community. Therefore, making friendly and strong relationships easier. In such a community you do not feel isolated or lonely but instead feel joy and inclusion.  

 5. Safe during COVID-19 

 Many families have been scared and have one question in mind; is an independent living community safe for our elders? The answer is yes. All independent living homes such as Wiarton Retirement Residence are equipped with all safety measures. At WRR we have socially distant tables to ensure your safety. Only single occupancy rooms are available so that if anyone is to feel sick they can self-isolate safely and still be provided with all the support and care that they need.

All our staff are screened before they come to work and are required to wear a medical mask at all times.  We believe your safety is the most important thing. 

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