Common Questions To Ask on  When is the right time  Move Into Senior Living.

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Common Questions To Ask on When is the right time Move Into Senior Living.

Moving into senior living is a major decision. It requires a great deal of planning and preparation. Before you step into a different chapter, you may have a lot of unanswered questions in mind but here are some answers that will guide your thoughts  before moving into retirement living. 

Here are the  top questions that you might have before moving in.  

 1.   Is there a right age to move in?

The choice to move into a senior living community is personal, with different factors affecting each decision. If you’re considering a move to a retirement community, we recommend planning ahead and taking the time to think about where you want to live. Although transitioning to a retirement community is an individual experience, the average age in a senior living community is 84. Many senior living communities have residents much younger than that; however, most seniors choose to move in between 75 and 84.

Here at Wiarton Retirement Residence admits residents from all ages, be it 50 or 70 because we know every individual has different demands and a different requirement. If you are a younger senior who needs a senior living option, your lifestyle can be suitable for an independent living such as the living style with us

2.  Will fitness be a problem?  

This is an important question to ask when deciding your move to a senior living. Often many senior living communities offer various ways to keep you active and on track with your health. Some may have fitness rooms, a few communities may have pools and some may just encourage a natural way to keep yourself active at all times such as going for a walk. We encourage our residents to walk around the beautiful downtown that is just a few minutes away and explore as much as they can. Walking around can keep them healthier. Moreover, senior living communities hold fitness classes for seniors to ensure their  health and wellbeing. Fitness is never a problem when living in a  senior living community. Health is always the number one priority for us.  

 3.  Do I need extra help with essentials such as bathing?   

Knowing your needs is very important and thus, knowing that you may need extra help is a great way to narrow down your choices for your  senior living community. You may need help with essentials such as bathing, dressing, toilet needs and much more which is why independent living communities offer a wide range of packages for such extra essentials. For example, we offer options to live at the lower level if you can not climb stairs, and special care can be provided when needed such as a nurse at all times at an extra cost.  

4.  Would socializing be a problem?

We understand that you may be feeling lonely which is why you want to make this new transition in your life. However, when living in a senior living community, socializing is never an obstacle in an independent living community. We all understand that you need to meet new people that you can relate to and thus, it is essential for us to make sure that all our residents are happy which is why activities are organized on a regular basis. With activities happening frequently, it becomes easier for individuals to talk to each other and find out about each other’s interests. There is always an opportunity to learn more during these activities.  

 5. What location should I choose?  

All our residents chose our residence because of its beautiful location and affordability. Another question that rises from location is if you will have to move to another location in the community if your needs change. The answer depends on the senior living you choose. Our Residence remains a safe place that is always equipped with all the necessary equipment to handle any emergency and all your health needs so that you can live in your comfort.  

6. Will I be provided with meals?  

Many seniors believe that moving into a senior living will help with their daily chores, especially meal planning. It is hard to make sure that you are eating the right thing to ensure your health. Moreover, many seniors while calculating costs believe that an independent living can be very costly. However, independent living includes many amenities such as meals. All meals are provided to our seniors according to their dietary restrictions and to make sure they are healthy at all times so say goodbye to the long hours spent in front of the stove preparing a meal. Our dining rooms are socially distant and provide healthy meals that are also delicious. Moreover, with the three meals a day, three snacks are provided to the seniors as well with 24 hour access to tea and coffee. 

7.Will I have my privacy?  

All doors are secured at night. There is professional staff in the residence 24 hours a day and they are available to check in on you to ensure your security. As soon as you need them, they are only a phone call away.  To protect your privacy and ensure security, we at Wiarton Retirement Residence do not give out your suite or phone number.  

8.What utilities are included in the cost? 

Every residence works differently. However, most of the residences including us at Wiarton Retirement Residence provide the following:  

  • Housekeeping and maintenance 
  • Fitness activities  
  • Group activities  
  • Dining  
  • Utilities and home costs 
  • Full time staff dedicated to medical care 
  • Game nights  
  • Field trips  
  • Special diet considerations.  

If you wish to add any service most of the residences just let our staff know.

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